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During a Laverda meeting in the region of Pas-de-Calais you could here an there hear some conversation:
- “It would be good to have a club integration all the Laverda models”...
... “Exactly, and open to both old and recent bikes”...
... “and for the big cubes and the small ones”...


... The history of the Laverda Club de France !


It was Jean Hourdequin beeing the first to pull off and creating the (new) LAVERDA Club de France. He recruted Lionel Chauffaud as secretary and Christian Houpline as tresurer.

As the need for a club journal became obvious, Marc Malfois joined the trio in the following month, creating the “LAVERDISTE” and taking over the job for communcation and press. With 50 members in 1997 the club grewed rapidly during the next two years, just to reach an avearge of 120 members, less in worse, more in good years.

1997 cml

The LCF:

first meeting at the Coupes Moto Légende 1997



All the ages and professions, from a worker to a Concord pilote, are building the foundation of the club without any social separation, purely living their passion of Laverda motorcycles

The small group of passionates of the beginnings beamce organized better and better. After the demission of Jean, Christian was elected president, Lionel became tresurer and Marc took the place of the secretary. This structure continued until 2005.

Since 1998 an annual meeting has been organized. Every year it is held at a different place to give members from all regions of France the possibilty to join or discover new territories.

Then followed the participation at numberless national motorcycle events: Coupes Moto Légende, Bol d’Or Classic, Trofeo Rosso... with a constantly grewing number of followers.

1998: racing campain of the Hourdequin brothers and the LCF with a race prepared Formula 

1998 racing


The international meetings were neither ignored, estabalishing contacts with the european clubs and the LCF obtaining respect, gaining its place as one of the leading clubs of the international LAVERDA universe.

Le founding of a shop, offering t-shirts, watches, pins, saucers, etc completed the portfolio of the Club, as well as the grewing activities on race tracks, with some members even building up dedicated race bikes.


2004 expo mons

2004: The LCF at Mons exposition with new hope for the make:  the SFC 1000 "Aprilia"

Finally, if one could belief what said the Britiains, Belgiums or Germans who joined the club during the years, some of them becoming part of the core staff, there is a kind of spirit and ambiance at the LCF which one can hardly find elsewhere.

In deed, the LAVERDA Club de France is a family.
A big family led by friendship and fraternity but at every time spiced with loads of "follie" and obvious disobedience !

2001 parachute

The LCF : an all time spectacle !


Number of Laverda motorcyles in the club:

pre-1670, small displacments, scooters 20
Laverda TT/Atlas 10
Laverda 350/500 16
Laverda 650/750 GT/S/SF 36
Laverda 1000/1000 Jota (180°) 47
Laverda 1200 19
Laverda 1000-120°, 1000 RGS/RGS Corsa, 1000 SFC 26
Laverda 650/668/750 "Zane" 27


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