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Le LCF web site has been completely transformed. The good old site from 2006, coded in HTML, was replaced by a modern content management system (CMS). Keeping its traditional "black-orange" look the website got more dynamic.

One of the main advantages is  the possibilty that every member of the LCF can write or edit website articles without the need to learn "HTML", only using his browser and Microsoft Word like editing techniques.

The new website integrates two new components: the LCF Forum and the LCF WebClub.The first, that contains also a market place, is a classical forum open to all visitors. The latter is the "Internet Club" of the LCF-members in the style of social networks like facebook or twitter. This communication platform was created to exchange information between the members of the LCF: event announcement, availabilty of club-tickets, self-presentation for every member, publishing of photos on the web site, discussions and groups of interest etc. The LCF est one of the first Laverda clubs that offer such a modern platform to its members.

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