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Why becoming a member of the Laverda Club de France?

With a membership, you have the advatages of


  • an ambiance of friendship and pure fun which the LCF is famous and appreciated for
  • an international and open minded ambiance (ask our foreign members !)
  • voyages to the meetings and rumbles in France an other countries
  • knowledge and help of our members for all the problems of your chery Laverdas
  • reductions of 10-50% on the entry fees for a large number of events (International meeting, Coupes Moto Légende, Biker's Classics Spa etc. etc. etc.)
  • a low membership fee of  35 euros (43 euros for a couple) p.a.
  • the club magazines "Le Laverdiste" and "le Petit Laverdiste"
  • modern internet communication and social network (LCF Forum, LCF WebClub and good old mailing lists)
  • motorsports activities of the Club (track days, track demonstrations, etc)
  • our international relations to the european and worldwide Laverda clubs



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